Early stage or high growth, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Your mission is our mission.

What help do you need?

We blend the benefits of having an inhouse talent team, tech specialist headhunters, marketeers and business people. We tailor the service and pricing structure to fit your needs, timelines, budgets and cash flow.

Need a fully insourced talent acquisition service, a recruitment campaign or a one off hire? We can help. Need help with recruitment plans, processes and budgeting or plans to show investors. We can help. Want to build a great culture? We can help there too. Help with interview skills, co-ordination, offers, contracts, onboarding? We can help with all of that too!!

Not sure what you need ? Ok, let us help you work that out.

Your team is our team.

Hiring the right people

We find everyone a tech venture might need. This includes your leadership team, developers and engineers, UI, UX, product owners and service design, sales, marketing, customer success and finance, legal, risk and compliance.

We work with you to figure out what you need. It's not just skills, experience, salaries and budgets. We focus on soft skills and the culture you want now and in the future. Who will you get on with? What values and personality will fit? Who can help drive the business forward and make it a good place for everyone to work?

We find people who are motivated by your mission and want to join the journey.

Your story is our story.

Employee brand and processes

Getting the right people to join a growing venture requires skill, a great mission and a compelling story. It takes a lot of effort behind the scenes: especially right now!

We have been through this and use our experience to tell your story as if it is our own. We tell it truthfully and with passion. We convey it in adverts, social media and every interaction with people who are interested in joining you. We work hard to find out the story of people who want to join. Then we make the process as easy as possible for everyone to make an informed choice.

Your journey is our journey.

We focus on you

We do not work in a transactional nature. Being part of your journey is an important part of our journey. We gain clients through recommendation. We choose our clients carefully and we ensure no conflicts of interest in our client base.

We do not cold call or market CVs. We do not represent candidates across multiple opportunities and we keep candidates informed every step of the way.

What that means for you is we solely focus on your opportunities and not your local competitors.