We help build fantastic teams for tech for good start-ups and scale-ups.


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Someone at Exizent

Talent hiring. Done differently.

Introducing Recruitment-as-a-Service

We find the people a
growing tech venture needs

We can help from the very first employee, across all the skills sets a successful tech venture needs. We focus on people who can help drive your product and business forward and who you would enjoy working with.

Flexible tailored service
to fit your scale and roadmap

Our Recruitment-as-a-Service approach is completely tailored to each client and flexible to suit the changing needs of a growing start-up or scale-up. We're here for everything, from help and advice as well as finding your new people.

Full insourced talent acquisition
to one off specialist hires

We help companies from the early idea stages find hire one. We help scale-ups looking to ramp up quickly. Whoever you are we can help you grow.

Experts at Remote First,
building employee brand and process

We have built remote first and location based teams. We have built successful employee brands from scratch and can help build your whole process. Or, we can help with single recruitment campaigns that get your name out there too.

Recruitment that makes the world a better place!

About us

We achieve your goals effectively

We're experienced tech recruiters and headhunters who want the world to be better. We believe in harnessing technology for good... but we can't code! (doh!)! So, we use our recruitment skills to help start-ups and scale-ups grow their teams. We know the pressures of starting a new venture so we help in the best way we know how.

We find the people you need to make your product and company ambitions a reality. And, we make it as easy as possible.

More about us

Our clients

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